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In Dhanaulti,Peace breaths. Time wanders idle

If time had a chance to take a hearty nap, it would be here. Cocooned in the warm embrace of the Himalayas, Dhanaulti places to stay is a luxurious homestay that will make you forget those wretched weekday blues. Your fleeting visits to get a breath of fresh air would be more frequent once you visit the remote yet reachable pathway of the Barefoot Bungalow. An hour’s drive from Dehradun in the peaceful environs of Dhanaulti, this gorgeous home away from home, is surely nature’s booster shot. Delicious hot meals, fresh preserves and plush interiors marked by the elegance of wood-accented, modern aesthetics greet you at every corner. Without mention, it’s an enviable opportunity to disconnect and live in a world where pace surrenders to peace. 

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The majestic Himalayas. Just a binocular away.

Dhanaulti is best places to stay that is surrounded by majestic snow peaks that nudge their clear views, this enchanting homestay with 3 gorgeous rooms is your quintessential luxurious home in the hills. Settled cosily inside, the warm wooden furniture & slate floors are incepted in the mountains. Tall French windows and graceful drapes sway for attention with exquisite art that dot the walls. Timeless artefacts, meticulous furnishings and the warm assurance of our unmistakeable service, urge you to unwind and settle down with a mug of your favourite mocha and a best seller. Snug and generous as a home can be, this is your quintessential luxurious home in the hills. With the dramatic framing of forested slopes in the foreground and the Himalayan range in the distance, the air here is crisp with oxygen. Feel the vibe of an enticing hideaway Dhanaulti places to stay, engulfed in the reigns of Deodar forests that conceal your presence. 

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